Ladybug Pop Up Card

Ladybug Pop Up Card


The Ladybug pop up features a forest green cover laser-cut with a red ladybug climbing the light green stem of a beautiful white daisy.

Once opened, the Ladybug card reveals a red-backed, black polka dotted ladybug resting atop the yellow middle disc of a daisy. White and light flower petals spiral around where the ladybug rests on both panels of the card.

Inspiration for the Ladybug Pop up Card:
Design intern Kincso has always been fascinated by insects, and as a result, she had a blast creating this design. According to Kincso, despite being tiny, ladybugs make a lasting impression with its vibrant and lively appearance -- which she wanted to (and did) translate into this lovely card.

As a symbol of both luck and protection, the Ladybug is the perfect way to let people know you are thinking of them. Take it from Kincso, she suggests you should gift this card to “somebody you want to wish good fortune and prosperity to” or simply “a lively, vibrant person!”

We hope you love the Ladybug!

Occasions for the Ladybug Pop up Card:
Gift the Ladybug Pop up Card to wish a friend good luck before they take a new job or to your mom this year for Mother’s Day.

The Ladybug Pop up Card is also great to give to your daughter, sister, or bug-loving friend on their birthday!

This gorgeous Lovepop is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

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