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Find your center with this Misting Diffuser Oil that combines Palo Santo and cedarwood with cade, papyrus, eucalyptus, and vetiver.


Simply add a few drops of this balancing blend to your NEST New York Misting Diffuser (sold separately) when you wish to steady your thoughts. You can customize the intensity of the fragrance diffused into the air by the number of drops used.

Fragrance Family: Woody/Spicy

Key Notes: Palo Santo Cedarwood, Cade, Papyrus, Eucalyptus, and Vetiver.

Mood: Flirty


Misting Diffuser Oil is specifically formulated for use with the Misting Diffuser, not to be applied  on skin. 

Nest Palo Santo & Cedarwood Misting Diffuser Oil

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