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Primavera is the Marie Antoinette of water bottles. This Rococo-esque beauty belongs in the hands of all you darling queens out there for all your hydrating needs.

Enjoy the refreshing pure taste of cold water when sipping from our convenient Flip ‘n’ Sip Straw Lid or toting an entire bottle of chilled wine to share with your besties!

Stay hydrated, feel cool, and know you’re sustainably bougie!

Primavera 25oz. Insulated Water Bottle

Only 1 left in stock

    - Leak-proof, screw-on, easy one-hand Flip ’n’ Sip Lid
    - 2 (two) bottle-length, reusable BPA-free Straws
    - Durable, strong yet soft bristled Pipe Cleaner
    - Gift-ready packaged in a beautiful sleek gift tube

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