XL Schefflera arboricola Tree


Native to Taiwan, this tree just feels jungle-y. The Schefflera arboricola is often used for Bonsai, and can be pruned to a more formal shape but we love its untamed and wild shape. Little tufts of five leaf clusters offer a lush and full shape, but its best feature by far is its tolerance for medium light and little water. This plant does best placed in medium to bright indirect light, and likes a moderate to low amount of water. 

Stands approximately 6-7' tall and in a 14" nursery/growers pot. 

Placement- Medium Light. This plant will do best in a bright location with mostly indirect light.

    Already have a container? Or prefer to plant yourself? This option is for the bare plant in its nursery grow pot. The nursery pot can be placed inside of a larger container or can be removed to plant your specimen directly into your container. Please note this is not considered a finished pot. We've included a few recommended baskets that would work for this plant. 

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