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You can either specify Specific Trinkets or Designer's Choice to add to your budget to create a fuller, more premium mum or garter. This can be added to any mum order but we ask that you please do not order just trinkets without a mum order. We cannot gaurantee that everything will be in stock throughout the entire Homecoming Season. We will call you if we have questions or are unable to fulfill a certain request. Please let us know if it's okay to add trinkets to the mum flower.

Some examples of available trinkets and their individual price including labor.

Lights: $25

Teddy Bears: $10

Loops and Braids: $7

Large Pompoms: $15

Large Glittered Sports Stickers: $8

Small trinkets start at $1 each (bells, garlands, rhinestoned plastic trinkets) 

There are so many options, we can't list them all! 

Extra Trinket Budget


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