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The Magpie Blossom Boutique family is honored to support many fine organizations working so hard to build the strong, safe, healthy communities in which we all wish to live, work and raise our children in.  We believe that supporting and building community is the responsibility of every good citizen and we believe that “When we all do better, we all do better.”   It’s in that spirit that we make the decisions relative to the allocation of our philanthropic resources.

We have happily supported many local charities.  Among those organizations we’ve had the honor to assist have included;  Citizen Advocates for Animals, Highland Lakes SPCA, Central Texas Water Coalition, Lakeway Police Foundation, Lake Travis Christmas Hope for Wounded Warriors, LTLov, Lakeway Associates of Seton, Hand-to-Hold, Komen Austin, Partnerships for Children,  Center for Child Protection, TexARTS, Vandergrift High School Band and Steiner Ranch Elementary.  We endeavor to aid in the growth and encouragement of the young people in our community, in addition to support provided to LTISD projects and the LTISD Education Foundation, we’ve offered our support to many Lake Travis school organizations.  We’ve helped out the LTISD elementary school carnivals and fundraisers, as well as many LTHS organizations, including; FFA, Cavalettes, Cheerleaders, Baseball, Football, Golf, Choir, Theater, Band and Project Graduation.    We really try to do our part!

If you would like us to consider participation in your organization’s fund raising event, we ask that you submit the information required as listed below online via an email directed to 

We do not make decisions relative to our charitable participation in the store.  You must submit all requests in writing, your request must be at minimum, 90 days in advance of your event.  To be considered you must include the following information in your written request:

  • A description of the organization, including its history, mission, goals and objectives 

  • A specific request for support and a description of how the support will be used 

  • If the request is for event sponsorship, please provide specific data relating to the past success of the event (such as attendance levels, demographic data of attendees and sponsorship benefits) 


We do not consider the following in our philanthropic endeavors:

Organizations that serve only their own membership, such as labor organizations, fraternal organizations or religious groups.

Organizations not recognized as chartable by the Internal Revenue Service

Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion, marital status, medical condition, sex or gender, or gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, or any other characteristic under applicable federal, state or local law.

Organizations supporting political parties or candidates.


You, our customer, are the reason we have the resources to offer our support to these many wonderful community organizations.  Thank you

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