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Luxurious and ultra hydrating, L’AVANT Hand Lotion is equal parts pampering and protection. Lightweight, non-greasy, and delicately scented, our lush moisturizing formula is like a spa treatment for your hands. It's packed with nourishing, revitalizing plant-based ingredients, within a beautifully crafted glass bottle dispenser.

L’AVANT Hand Lotion absorbs quickly, but we won’t be surprised if you take your time massaging it in to savor the experience. A subtle touch of our signature Fresh Linen fragrance, balancing hints of ylang ylang with soothing notes of lavender and geranium, complements the lotion’s light velvety texture and harmonizes beautifully with our L’AVANT hand soap.

Fresh Linen Fragrance

10 FL oz

Hand Lotion - Fresh Linen

Only 2 left in stock
  • 1 Hand Lotion -Fresh Linen Fragrance - Glass Bottle - 10oz

    Between exposure to the elements, multiple daily hand washings, and a hard day’s work, our hands go through a lot. Damaging free radicals are produced when the skin undergoes oxidative stress, in large part a result of exposure to UV rays. The effective ingredients in our hand lotion combine to counteract these harsh effects, softening your skin and bringing back its youthful radiance.

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